Researchers from the U.K. were surprised to discover how big an impact room features like color and light have on student learning.
Saturday is the 25th anniversary of the Hazelwood decision to allow schools to censor student writing in official school publications. Here’s a look at how the decision has been applied to censor personal, political and religious student expression.
Moody’s Investors Service has a new report showing more colleges are expecting declines in enrollment and revenue.
Have schools improved the way they educate girls, or have they just made it harder for boys to succeed?
Despite excitement for school, English language learners, especially new arrivals, face an uphill battle toward graduation.
As parents know and studies show, a great teacher like Chapman can have a lifelong impact on a child’s personal and academic development. Great teachers can raise a student’s confidence, test scores, lifetime educational achievement and even their adult earning potential. As Stephanie Kunkle, Hannah’s mother puts it, “a teacher like that is just worth their weight in gold.”
With the “fiscal cliff” deadline a few days away and no new attempts in Washington, D.C., to avert it, already lean school systems continue to brace themselves for sudden funding cuts. How will your child’s school fare?
A recent analysis of Texas social studies textbooks has revealed a religious bias, but the details are unexpected.
At every level, from high school to grad school, workers to employers, the real gap is in expectations and education. Can better high school math and science fix the problem or do we need to overhaul the way we pay for graduate degrees?
Military-connected students face unique challenges that many teachers are unprepared to meet. Operation Educate the Educators aims to change that.
Schools are starting to capitalize on the technology students love to use, including smartphones, tablets, and other personal devices. In one study, test scores improved by 30 percent after smartphones were introduced to low-income students.
Six states had education initiatives on their ballots this year. In California, voters choose higher taxes over cutting school budgets.
Nikhil Goyal says the learning stopped in third grade when his class began to prepare for state-mandated math and English tests.
Across the country, communities continue to put energy and dollars into charter schools, despite the lack of both oversight and convincing results.
Over the next few years, school systems in cities across the U.S., including Memphis, Chicago, New York, Pittsburgh, and Denver, will phase in teacher evaluations that combine several measures to give a better picture of teacher success.
Operation Educate the Educators aims to help teachers and schools meet the unique needs of students from military families.
Overcrowding presents myriad challenges, but new evidence points to a few inexpensive innovations that actually have a bigger impact on student success than reducing class size.