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Longtime columnist Jay Evensen has been a member of the Deseret News editorial board since 1994, following an 11-year career as a reporter for news organizations in New York City, Las Vegas and Salt Lake City. His awards include the Cameron Duncan Award, presented each year in Washington for outstanding reporting of issues related to global poverty.

Opinion: Are you ready for a return of the pandemic holidays?

Could you afford to buy your own house today?

Opinion: The similarities between Astroworld tragedy and 1991 concert in Salt Lake City

Opinion: Why we may never stop changing our clocks twice a year

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Americans don’t know much about their government. Is this a problem?

A new study says Utah ranks high in terms of social trust, which is important for democracy and prosperity.

Opinion: A wealth tax is the wrong way to tax the rich

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This is why crime tends to follow inflation

Recent studies show the connection, which ought to make Congress think twice before passing a huge stimulus package.

Opinion: Do Sinema, Manchin and other Washington politicians know the keys to prosperity?

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A sexualized culture is hurting young girls

Academic research points to a broad sexualization of girls, in everything from fashion to portrayals in the media, that affects self-esteem, performance in school and more.

Opinion: Bernie Sanders is wrong about Sens. Manchin and Sinema