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Jennifer Graham covers conservative politics and culture for the Deseret News National team. Graham previously wrote for The Boston Globe, The Wall Street Journal and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, among other publications. A native of South Carolina, she has four children and two donkeys, and enjoys long-distance running at a leisurely pace.

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Is Facebook censoring the Babylon Bee, or does the company just not get the jokes?

The CEO of the satirical website says engagement on the site has declined even though the number of followers has increased.

Is the Biden administration getting a pass because of Trump hate?

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Why the COVID-19 debate has everything to do with politics, and nothing to do with health

The national conversation about the coronavirus shot seems to touch on everything but health.

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Will the last public intellectual in America please turn out the lights?

An elegy for a shrinking class of thinkers.

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Do conservative voices have anything to do with the low Olympic ratings?

Like everything else, there’s a partisan divide over the Tokyo Games.

In the debate over sports uniforms, have we finally hit bikini bottom?

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Why cancel culture hits regular people harder than celebrities

Bill O’Reilly is on the bestseller list and Jeffrey Toobin is back on CNN. Ordinary Americans and small businesses confronted with cancel culture don’t rebound as quickly.

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Is the Olympics about patriotism or just a chance to compete?

The Games bring national pride to the countries they represent, but for some athletes, it’s just a chance to compete.

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Past astronauts praised God. Jeff Bezos’ team threw Skittles

A few key emotions did seem to be missing. The Amazon founder and his team showed no sense of reverence, solemnity or awe, let alone recognition of anything providential.

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You might be a Democrat if you aren’t loving the billionaires in space

Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson are burning money to slip the surly bonds of Earth. This might not be helping their image.