Joshua Terry is an award-winning writer and photographer who also teaches English composition for Weber State University. He has written weekly film reviews for the Deseret News since 2013.

The biggest problem with ‘Call of the Wild’ is its CGI dog.
‘Birds of Prey’ wants to be a heroic story. But it fails to embrace — or include — heroic characters
‘Bad Boys for Life’ isn’t a good movie, but fans of the first two films might still enjoy it
Historical accuracy and character development ultimately take a back seat to a series of gripping midair action scenes
While more straightforward than Rian Johnson’s other films, the star-studded ‘Knives Out’ does turn a murder mystery trope on its head
There’s something wrong with your film when a dramatic depiction of the attack on Pearl Harbor struggles to move the emotional needle.
Despite Harriet Tubman’s legendary status, this is the first feature film solely about her. And while it isn’t the most groundbreaking civil rights biopic, it is a worthy tribute to one of American history’s most celebrated women.
‘The Lighthouse’ is director Robert Eggers’ latest cinematic deep dive into madness and paranoia. It’s a well-crafted effort, but even among horror fans, it’s not for everyone.
‘Jesus is King’ presents audiences with a difficult predicament: the film’s content is fascinating, and even inspirational. But there’s just so little of it to justify the admission.
‘Countdown’ has its flaws, but this little metaphor for our times has enough fun with a clever premise to make for a solid Halloween option.
“Birth of the Cool,” which premiered earlier this year at the Sundance Film Festival, tells the A to Z story of Mile Davis’ life and career through the words and music of the musician himself
If you’re a little confused by the title of Joachim Ronning’s ‘Maleficent: Mistress of Evil,’ don’t feel bad. After all, by the end of 2014’s original film, the classic Sleeping Beauty baddie had supposedly joined the good team.
‘Joker’ is a portrait of a man toppling from a state of exasperated fragility to a state of unhinged violence, set against a backdrop of our own worst tendencies.
The film “Ad Astra” follows Brad Pitt on journey into deep space that will remind you of the best — and most challenging — aspects of another space film.
If the last few weeks have felt a little empty at the theater, don’t worry: things should be getting better soon.
A strong cast isn’t enough to elevate this film’s careening chaos
Alex Kendrick’s “Overcomer” tells the story of Hannah Scott, a high school cross-country runner who discovers her faith in the midst of some serious life challenges.
The portrait of the controversial rock star — who may be second only to Keith Richards on classic rock’s list of “guys who should be dead by now” — exists halfway between career retrospective and sullen confessional.
Watching “Angel Has Fallen” is a little like eating at McDonald’s while you’re on vacation. It’s safe, it’s dependable, and it’s affordable, but you know there have to be better options available.