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Kelsey Dallas covers religion, politics and the Supreme Court for the Deseret News and serves as deputy editor of Deseret News National. She holds a master's degree in religion from Yale Divinity School. Dallas, who grew up in Illinois, loves listening to podcasts and talking about her two dogs.

Why Kamala Harris’ video on Virginia’s election is raising legal concerns

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Why the Democrats’ spending bill may alarm faith groups

Some religious freedom advocates want the Democratic Party to adjust proposed funding rules.

When it comes to vaccine resistance, are anti-vax pastors really the problem?

What the pandemic revealed about religious freedom

The (sometimes forgotten) power of faith

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How employers judge religious exemption requests

As they impose COVID-19 vaccine mandates, company leaders across the country are facing a flood of requests for religious exemptions.

Why some faith groups worried about Facebook even before the whistleblower

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4 religion cases to watch in the Supreme Court’s new term

The Supreme Court’s latest term began this week. Here are four faith-related cases on the docket.

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Religion is deepening the NBA’s vaccine drama

Religion plays a supporting role in the NBA’s escalating conflict over COVID-19 vaccines.

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What Americans think of religion in school

A new survey found that Americans are more supportive of faith-related displays than Black Lives Matter or Pride flags.