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Kelsey Dallas covers religion, politics and the Supreme Court for the Deseret News and serves as deputy editor of Deseret News National. She holds a master's degree in religion from Yale Divinity School. Dallas, who grew up in Illinois, loves listening to podcasts and talking about her two dogs.

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How Glenn Beck is helping Christians in Afghanistan

Private nonprofits like The Nazarene Fund, which is led by Operation Underground Railroad’s Tim Ballard and Beck, have stepped up to organize evacuation flights out of Kabul.

Inside the religious liberty battle pitting a conservative governor against a Catholic nun

Homesick ... for a church

The secret to business success? These leaders say it could be celebrating faith

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On gay rights, religious colleges face pressure from all directions

As support for gay rights grows, religious schools of all shapes and sizes face pressure to change policies on sexuality, gender and same-sex marriage.

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Muslims and Christians benefit from religious freedom. What if they came together?

Legal expert and author Asma Uddin outlines potential solutions to the Muslim-Christian divide.

How the U.S. can protest the Beijing Olympics without boycotting the Games

What to know about the infrastructure bill’s controversial ‘gender identity’ provision

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Should vaccine mandates include religious exemptions?

A recent court ruling will likely make it easier for people of faith to challenge vaccine mandates that don’t offer religious exemptions.

Did liberal justices pave the way for the conservative Supreme Court majority?