323 flags represented a transgender person who was murdered or died by suicide in the past year
Lt. Gov. Deidre Henderson asked county clerks to wait until polling places have closed, and until all voters who are in line by 8 p.m. have cast their ballots, before posting any election results.
BYU professor figures out what sets a Utah name apart from the rest of U.S.
Officer Trent Halladay died of cancer after being exposed to meth labs on the job.
The Utah County Sheriff’s Office announced Sunday that one of four people killed in a Saturday plane crash near Cedar City was a longtime deputy with the department.
“Dr. Gagnon gave me a second birthday. And it was like as if life didn’t begin for me until after pretty much 40 years old,” kidney and pancreas recipient says.
Pet owners urged to stay vigilant after coyote was spotted carrying a cat in its mouth.
An aging pipe broke and caused a large sinkhole in West Valley City, Utah. It filled with water and grew to about 20-25 feet wide and 10-12 feet deep.