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Lois M. Collins covers policy and research that impact families for the Deseret News National team. A University of Utah graduate, she has won numerous national, local and regional journalism awards. She once stepped out of an airplane in midair for a story.

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The reasons people refuse the COVID-19 vaccine are more complicated than you think

Fear of side effects, government mistrust and even just finding time are among reasons people say no.

How the ‘social safety net’ in a $3.5 trillion budget plan might impact families

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Do parents prefer remote or in-office work?

The pandemic let families test-drive flexibility and now they want employers to pay attention.

Congress, pediatricians and parents ask: When can we expect COVID-19 vaccination for kids?

This animated series was created to prevent suicide

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Pediatrics group says COVID-19 made this health problem worse

The American Academy of Pediatrics says doctors need to screen for a different set of symptoms associated with the coronavirus: mental and behavioral health problems.

Your wallet could be the next casualty in the COVID-19 vaccine battle

What’s in the Democrats’ budget proposal that could help your family?

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Wedding bells are ringing again, but divorces may be on the rise, too

Data suggests marriages may rise dramatically — for a little while. But what’s happening long-term?

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Why the eviction moratorium isn’t the answer to a housing crisis that’s hurting kids

What happens to kids in eviction ban — and why is rental aid so slow?