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Mya Jaradat is a religion reporter for the Deseret News National team. A graduate of Columbia University's Journalism School, she is the author of "The Unchosen: The Lives of Israel's New Others." Mya lives in South Florida with her husband and their two children. When she's not reporting, reading or writing, she and the kids head to the beach.

Despite his anger, this priest offered a prayer of peace at ground zero

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What is Rosh Hashana? Your questions, answered

Why does the Jewish New Year start in September? Why is it celebrated for two days? Why do some Jews wear white for Rosh Hashana? And what’s with the shofar?

Inside the religious liberty battle pitting a conservative governor against a Catholic nun

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Will religious Latinos pull both political parties to the center?

As more Latinos in the United States leave Catholicism, they are changing their politics that better align with conservative thinking on abortion, marriage and religious liberty. How are Republicans and Democrats responding?

A feminist battle cry for some good ol’ fashioned gender roles

More than half of white evangelicals now accept the vaccine. What changed?

How this South Texas nun made her mark on the world

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How Border Patrol chaplains bring peace to a job of conflict

The Border Patrol chaplaincy program emerged in the late 1990s after the agency experienced an unprecedented number of line-of-duty deaths. It remains a critical service for an agency that has the highest rate of suicide in law enforcement.

Why faith leaders want to make it easier to become a U.S. citizen

These Christian lawmakers are on the offensive against abortion