Even many health care professionals fail to recognize important differences between men and women who are victims of substance abuse. Here are five ways women experience addiction differently from men:
This article discusses the unique challenges five athletes faced on and off the field that lead to their drug addiction and how they overcame it.
Family members of addicts often feel isolated, sad and confused because they don’t know how to help addicted loved one. To help family members assist addicted loved ones, Renaissance Ranch is hosting two free family education seminars.
Seeing a loved one struggle with addiction is hard, especially when that loved one is a spouse. Your want to help, but sometimes too much help can cause harm by way of a codependent relationship.
Addiction is a devastating disease. But, just as difficult as it is to see what addiction is can do to a person, it is equally as miraculous to witness recovery, especially when completed with the key aspect of spirituality.
When your loved one is struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction, here are seven steps to take.