The world’s largest event that celebrate families across generations.

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Advanced technology is making family history easier — and more interesting — than ever before.
Genealogy is easier than ever. Here are five tips on how to have Google help make your genealogy research more effective.
Want to improve your life? Get to know those who came before you.
RootsTech is the perfect place to learn more about the fascinating world of DNA, and this year’s conference will have plenty of classes available on the subject.
Google can be one of the most useful tools in a genealogist’s toolbox. Here are some tips.
Who exactly is your first cousin three times removed?
While there are many ways you can use Google to aid your research, here are three of the most beneficial.
Mike Mallin, chief product officer for MyHeritage, said during his keynote address that the way people experience and research family history is like magic.
Thousands of people will be converging on Salt Lake this next year to attend RootsTech.