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Samuel Benson is a staff writer for the Deseret News National team, focusing on politics and culture. His work has been featured in The New Haven Register, The Orange County Register, The National Interest, The Harvard Crimson, and elsewhere. When not writing or reading, Benson enjoys cycling and hiking in Utah's beautiful outdoors.

Witness the unmitigated patriotism of this U.S. Olympic gold medalist

Glenn Beck and Mike Lee faced off in Utah’s most patriotic ice cream eating contest

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The newest door-to-door salesmen: ‘Vaccine missionaries’

The Biden administration is encouraging door-to-door outreach to educate about the COVID vaccine. ‘Faith-based approaches’ may be more effective, poll says.

Romney, bipartisan infrastructure group reach agreement on $1 trillion bill. What will it do?

BYU Law deans respond to ‘venomous and hateful’ #DezNat Twitter account

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Modern Christian pioneers need our help, too

The U.S. is on track to admit an astonishingly low number of refugees this year. Many of them are fleeing religious persecution.

BYU graduate, Alaska prosecutor under investigation for anonymous #DezNat account

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Something Biden and these Republicans can agree on — protecting voting rights

A new group called "Republicans for Voting Rights" challenges Trump’s election fraud claims.

Our allies in Afghanistan are running out of time

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Is the future of Utah women in politics on the upswing?

150 years after Utah women were the first to vote, more and more are participating in politics — including two candidates for the U.S. Senate.