In today’s era, we use our digital devices to capture important moments in our lives one photograph at a time. Our phones, cameras, and other digital devices are bursting at the seams with memories—the first steps of a child, the sun setting over an exotic beach, and the tableau of everyday life, all combining to create decades of family history.

However, due to the short lifespan of most digital devices and traditional storage methods, treasured photographs often end up scattered, relegated to forgotten albums, or lost in the abyss of various old devices and cloud accounts. Fortunately, there’s an easier way to overhaul cherished photo collections, and it’s available for free!

Do More With Mylio Photos

Say goodbye to losing photos on old devices or digging through bins of printed photographs to find the perfect image for that special event. Instead, Mylio, a Seattle-based tech company, allows users to easily manage their photo libraries on across all their devices and storage platforms without relying on the Cloud storage.

Tailored to work with your computers, tablets, phones, external hard drives and other devices, Mylio Photos consolidates and gathers photos, videos, and documents into a single library without fluctuating subscription fees or cloud storage limits.

Mylio Photos provides users with a suite of features designed to enrich the storytelling aspect of photos. Mylio users can embed detailed information about the people, locations, and events within each image, ensuring that the stories behind the snapshots are preserved for years to come.

Share Your Family History

One of the best reasons to keep a photo archive is to share snapshots of family history with loved ones. And with Mylio Photos, it’s easier to organize and share these family photographs than ever before. Not only can users use AI to help tag and organize the people, places, and things within the images, but you can even upload the embedded (and tagged) photos to FamilySearch Platform, a powerful genealogy tool, so they can be archived accessed by potential family members all over the world.

By linking Mylio Photos with, you can easily share and upload important pieces of your family history so that future generations can connect with their family history in an impactful way for decades to come. Rest assured, all the details you add meet the standards set by the Family History Metadata Working Group.

Protect, Rediscover & Organize Photos With Ease

Importing your photos into the library is also easier than ever with Mylio’s Guided Import tool. This intuitive feature simplifies the process of importing your cherished photos, ensuring that consolidating your snapshots into a single, accessible library is more efficient and intuitive than ever before. What’s more, the platform allows users to import (and share!) photos directly to and from your social media accounts, so that you’ll never lose a photo again.

Not only do users have the luxury to import easily with the Guided Import tool, but they can also edit, share, and categorize imported photos with the help of Mylio’s AI-generated SmartTags feature. SmartTag works to proficiently identify (and categorize) thousands of activities, objects, faces, text, and even scenic backdrops with AI so that it’s easy to categorize and later find the perfect photo.

Keep Your Photos Secure

The benefits of Mylio Photos extend way beyond the simple upload tool and the AI organization elements. In fact, Mylio Photos is one of the most secure photo organization tools on the market. With Mylio, photos remain safe, secure, and protected.

Privacy is one of the most important aspects of Mylio Photos, and you can rest assured that no one will have access to your files unless you directly share them. Additionally, with Mylio Photos, you can store and take encrypted backups in several locations so that you can keep your photos safe no matter what.

Start with Mylio Photos for Free

Ready to overhaul your photos?  Download Mylio Photos today—the most private solution for all things photo organization. And the best part? You can start at absolutely no cost with the basic version of Mylio Photos.

Seeking even more from your photo memory-keeping experience? Opt for Mylio Photos +, available for just $99/year (or $9.99/month). This version of Mylio Photos comes with everything included in the basic plan, plus the ability to sync your photos across multiple devices, remove duplicates, set up automatic back-ups, manage remove accounts for your family members, create and share beautiful web-galleries and more. manage your photos on multiple devices at once.

Don’t miss the chance to streamline your photo organization—download either version of Mylio Photos from today and start organizing your cherished family photos so that they can be enjoy for years (and generations) to come.