Fully vaccinated people can catch the novel coronavirus and spread it to those living in their homes, experts in the United Kingdom warned this week.

Can fully vaccinated people spread COVID at home?

People who were fully vaccinated against the coronavirus can spread the virus in their homes as much as those who were not vaccinated, according to a new study.

  • The chances of anyone spreading the coronavirus to unvaccinated people or others in the home is about 38%, per BBC News.
  • That number drops to 25% if the housemates are fully vaccinated.

The scientists explained these findings in the Lancet Infectious Diseases medical journal.

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Do unvaccinated people need to be vaccinated?

The United Kingdom researchers said the findings show the importance of getting vaccinated against the coronavirus so they can stay protected. Experts said the unvaccinated can’t rely on the fully vaccinated to stay safe, either, according to BBC News.

  • “Whilst vaccines have demonstrated efficacy in protecting people against severe COVID-19 illness and deaths, they are less effective at preventing infections,” according to the Pharma Times. “This is due to the emergence of new variants across the UK, particularly the dominant and highly infectious Delta variant.”

How coronavirus hurts fully vaccinated people

The study comes as more research comes out about how the coronavirus hits fully vaccinated people. For example, researchers at Oxford University said fully vaccinated people can experience “long COVID-19,” which is something where people experience COVID-19 side effects for the long term.