The former commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration said there’s a good chance the COVID-19 vaccine booster shots will protect you from the omicron variant.

Dr. Scott Gottlieb said on CBS’ “Face the Nation” that the COVID-19 vaccine developers have “a pretty good degree of confidence” that fully vaccinated people will be protected from the new variant of the coronavirus.

  • “The question here is going to be whether or not a fully boosted individual someone who’s had three doses of vaccine has good protection against this variant right now,” said Gottlieb, per The Hill.
  • “If you talk to people in vaccine circles, people who are working on a vaccine, they have a pretty good degree of confidence that a booster vaccine, so three full doses of vaccine, is going to be fairly protective against this new variant,” Gottlieb said.
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COVID-19 vaccine developers are aiming to create a vaccine specifically for the omicron variant.

Gottlieb said in a recent interview that a vaccine tailored for the omicron variant is a big “what if” and it’s unclear if vaccine developers can make that happen.