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So Los Angeles County is about to hit herd immunity

Los Angeles County will likely hit herd immunity by July

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Guests walk along the Main Street USA at Disneyland in Anaheim, Calif.

In this April 30, 2021, file photo, guests walk along the Main Street USA at Disneyland in Anaheim, Calif. Los Angeles and San Francisco are reopening more businesses under California’s least restrictive coronavirus safety rules, even though they have more infections than many other big counties, state data shows.

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Los Angeles County could reach herd immunity within the next few months, specifically in July, according to The Los Angeles Times.

What is herd immunity?

Herd immunity refers to the moment where the entire community becomes immune to a virus or illness. In this case, herd immunity is a term that references when an area would be fully vaccinated or naturally immune to the novel coronavirus.

How is Los Angeles County on track?

Los Angeles County has to give out another 2 million COVID-19 doses to reach 80% immunity among those 16 years old and up, according to The Los Angeles Times.

  • “At the rate we’re going, we expect that we can reach this level somewhere in mid- to late July, and that assumes that we continue to have at least 400,000 people vaccinated each week that will include both first doses that people need, as well as their second doses,” said Los Angeles County public health director Barbara Ferrer, according to The Los Angeles Times.

Was Los Angeles County bad for COVID-19?

Yes. Back in January, Los Angeles County saw a huge surge of COVID-19 cases, as I explained for the Deseret News. In fact, Los Angeles County ambulance crews were told not to transport patients who had little chance of survival to hospitals because the health care system was so overwhelmed.

  • “Hospitals are declaring internal disasters and having to open church gyms to serve as hospital units,” supervisor Hilda Solis said back in January,, per CNN.

Clearly, LA County has shown a massive turnaround with a vaccine rollout that has done well to vaccinate the region.

July and COVID-19

July has been a target for the entire country when it comes to beating COVID-19. President Joe Biden said in an address to the nation that he hoped to see COVID-19 defeated by July 4.

  • “If we do this together, by July 4 there is a good chance you, your family and friends can get together in your backyard or in your neighborhood and have a cookout or a barbecue and celebrate Independence Day,” he said.
  • “After a long, hard year, that will make this Independence Day truly special — where we not only mark our independence as a nation but we begin to mark our independence from this virus.”

Utah Gov. Spencer Cox said something similar to Utah residents in February.