Experts recently warned that unvaccinated people and adolescents remain the biggest reason why the country hasn’t returned to normal yet.

Why haven’t we returned to normal?

Per CNN, medical analysts have said the novel coronavirus will begin to impact children more than adults since adults have been getting vaccinated.

  • In fact, children account for 25% of COVID-19 cases now because they have not been vaccinated against the virus.

Epidemiologist Dr. Abdul El-Sayed told CNN over the weekend that getting children vaccinated remains a huge question as we look to return to normal.

  • “As we’ve gotten more and more of our seniors vaccinated, more and more people with preexisting conditions, more and more people who may be healthy and younger, the question becomes how do we protect our children?” he asked.
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Do kids get COVID-19?

Yes. In fact, a new study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that 200 children were hospitalized due to COVID-19 in the first three months of 2021.

  • There were no deaths among these children, though. But one-third of them were sent to an intensive care unit and about 5% needed ventilators, according to the CDC.
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What else concerns experts?

A number of experts have expressed concern that there will be a rise in COVID-19 cases among the unvaccinated. The virus can still hurt the unvaccinated significantly and create new variants.

  • “Alarmingly, the risk of hospitalization among the unvaccinated has more than doubled compared with January, likely because of more contagious and deadlier variants,” according to The Washington Post.