Los Angeles County — the largest county in the United States — would be in the most restrictive tier of coronavirus restrictions if this was 2020 and the state was using the normal COVID-19 reopening system, KTLA reports.

Los Angeles County will now require everyone to wear face masks again

What restrictive tier is California in right now?

Specifically, Los Angeles County would be in the purple tier of the California restrictions system, which used a color-coded system during the summer of 2020 as the pandemic surged.

  • “If that reopening blueprint were still in effect, much of the state’s population would still be facing many closures and restrictions right now, including no indoor dining. That’s thanks to a recent increase in cases — largely among the unvaccinated,” according to KTLA.

How bad is the California COVID-19 surge?

Seriously — California is going through it now when it comes to the novel coronavirus. As I wrote for the Deseret News, Los Angeles County recently added a face mask mandate for people to wear their coverings when they’re indoors.

Do you need to wear a face mask?

Back in May, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued guidance that said all fully vaccinated people can take off their face masks and stop social distancing in most instances, as I wrote for the Deseret News.