The debate about children wearing face masks in school continues to rage on. Some parents are disgruntled about the idea, even as experts recommend the masks and some parents want them. But now, one pediatrician is speaking out, calling on parents to reconsider their opinion on children and face masks.

Should children wear face masks?

Dr. Teresa Blaskovich, the pediatrician at the Children’s Clinic and secretary-treasurer of the Montana Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics, told the Montana Billings Gazette the new delta variant makes it harder for parents to keep their children safe from COVID-19.

  • “Before, there could be family members who could isolate and avoid illness, but with this variant, it’s not as likely,” Blaskovich said. “Other children will likely acquire it as well and pass it to their families.”
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That’s why she recommends parents reconsider letting their children wear masks, per the Montana Billings Gazette.

  • “If a parent is resisting masking or the outcome of the pandemic, it will be harder for kids to comply, and will affect the child’s classmates and the classmates’ families,” Blaskovich said. “If you’re a good role model with wearing a mask (the kids) won’t have a problem with it.”

Experts recommend masks in schools

In late July 2021, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommended children who return to school for in-person learning wear face masks in the class, as I wrote for the Deseret News.

  • The AAP’s new guidelines called for a “layered approach to make school safe for all students, teachers and staff, which includes “vaccination, universal mask use, ventilation, testing, quarantining, and cleaning and disinfecting,” according to the AAP.
  • “Combining these layers of protection will make in-person learning safe and possible. Schools should monitor the implementation and effectiveness of these policies,” the AAP said.