One Texas dad has made headlines after stripping down to his swim trunks to show his support for COVID-19 mask mandates.

Per ABC News, James Akers, a 15-year resident of Dripping Springs, Texas, recently performed the stunt during a Dripping Springs Independent School District meeting, which lasted for more than four hours.

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About 30 seconds into the meeting, Akers received his opportunity to speak, according to ABC-13.

  • “I’m here to say that I do not like government or any other entity — just ask my wife — telling me what to do,” he said. “But sometimes I’ve got to push the envelope a little bit. And I’ve just decided that I’m going to not just talk about it, but I’m going to walk the walk.”

He then explained how he hated wearing his jacket, shirt and tie for work. So he stripped down to his swim trunks, according to ABC News.

Akers then joked that he drives through three stop signs and four red lights on the way to work.

  • “I almost killed somebody out there, but ... it’s my roads, too, so I have every right to drive as fast as I want to,” he said.

Akers performed the stunt and made these comments to show his support for mask mandates, saying that wearing a mask is a simple ask to keep people safe, ABC News reports.

  • “We follow certain rules for a very good reason,” he said.
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Board President Barbara Stroud responded to the stunt, asking Akers to put his clothes back on, according to KXAN-TV.

  • “Mr. Akers, I understand — I believe you’re a swimmer — but if you would mind putting your pants back on for a comment, that would be appreciated,” she said.

Akers later told KXAN that he decided to speak out because of the division in the school district.

  • “There are too many voices out there that I think are digging in for political reasons, and absolutely just not thinking about the common sense decisions we make every day to comply with everything from driving down the road and being safe and courteous to other drivers to not parking in handicapped spots,” he said. “All these rules that we’re given every day that we follow, because they make sense.”