A nurse in Italy was arrested on charges that he faked giving COVID-19 vaccines to at least 45 people so that they could get a health pass, per Fox News.

Instead, the nurse ditched the vaccines in the trash and put bandages on his patients so no one suspected the fraud.

  • The nurse had four accomplices who are currently under house arrest for allegedly finding customers for this scheme. The patients who got these fake vaccines are also under investigation.
  • The nurse was filmed at work at a vaccine site in Ancona, a city on Italy’s eastern coast. In the video, the police saw the nurse injecting the contents in the medical waste bin before pretending to inject the patient's arm, and putting a bandaid on.

According to the Star Tribune, Italy is cracking down on the unvaccinated, requiring proof of vaccination or medical records of recent coronavirus infection.

  • Approximately 86% of the population is currently vaccinated and 60% of those received their booster shots. The country still has 2,134,366 active cases, with 1,677 currently in critical condition, according to the Worldometer, a worldwide coronavirus tracker.

The U.S. Department of State has issued a “Level Four: Do Not Travel” advisory for Italy.