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Arizona siblings lose unvaccinated parents to COVID-19

Married for 44 years, Bob and Sue Walker died within 48 hours of each other, leaving their children orphaned

The emergency room entrance at Valleywise Health Center hospital in Phoenix.
This June 10, 2020, file photo, shows the emergency room entrance at Valleywise Health Center hospital in Phoenix.
Ross D. Franklin, Associated Press

Bob and Sue Walker were happily married for more than 44 years. But over the holidays, both of them died in an Arizona hospital, according to CNN.

“They were truly, truly a couple, you know. I mean, nothing could come in between them,” daughter Stephanie Walker told CNN. “And, unfortunately, Covid took them both within 46 hours of each other.”

The Walker couple first found out they had COVID-19 right before Thanksgiving. Sue tested at the hospital and Bob took an at-home test.

They died a few days later — Sue on Nov. 30 and Bob on Dec 2.

Neither of them was vaccinated and they both had health issues, said son Jonathan Walker. Bob suffered from kidney problems and diabetes. He was put on the ventilator because of his condition.

At the time, Sue was actually doing well. She was walking and talking and even asked for food from Taco Bell because she was hungry.

When Sue talked to Bob on Facetime, she froze at first. “Then she kind of woke up out of it and was like, ‘Mate, you got to get better. We got to go home for Christmas, mate,’” he said, according to The Mercury News. “I truly think that at that moment my mom’s heart broke.”

“My parents loved each other. There was no doubt about that,” he said. “They held true to their vows until death do us part.”

Since Thursday, Utah health officials reported 14,754 new COVID-19 cases and 17 deaths, as reported by the Deseret News.