There’s been an increase of chilblains — blisters, red patches and itches on your hands and feet — since the pandemic began, but it might not be due to COVID-19.

What happened: During the pandemic, a commonly-reported symptom from COVID-19 was “COVID toes” — a symptom used to describe blisters and red patches showing up on people’s feet after a COVID-19 infection.

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Yes, but: A new study suggests there isn’t a direct correlation between these chilblains and COVID-19.

  • The study said that the blisters and itches might have been caused by people walking on colder surfaces, which has happened more often because people spent the pandemic at home, according to The Telegraph.
  • “Chilblains are usually caused by prolonged exposure to cold or damp air,” according to the Daily Mail.

The bigger picture: In fairness, the “COVID toes” symptom has confused experts, as I wrote for the Deseret News.

  • Scientists said that “COVID toes” could suggest “the skin could be a kind of window about what may be happening with COVID-19 inside the body,” according to ABC News.

What’s next: “More studies are indicated to further understand this connection,” the researchers wrote.