The World Health Organization announced Wednesday there’s a new hybrid COVID-19 variant that combines the delta variant and the omicron variant — but not much is known about severity or symptoms.

What they found: Researchers said in a new study published on MedRxiv — ahead of peer review — that there’s a new “deltacron” variant that combines the spike protein of omicron with the “body” of the delta variant, per Reuters.

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What they’re saying: Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove, the WHO’s COVID-19 technical lead, said at a press conference Wednesday “there are very low levels of detection” of the “deltacron” variant, so there shouldn’t be much concern yet, according to USA Today.

  • William Lee, the chief science officer at Helix, told USA Today that “deltacron” cases are so low that there’s no reason to label it a variant of concern.

Symptoms and severity: The United Kingdom’s Health Security Agency is still monitoring the hybrid variant after its discovery.

  • Per NDTV, there has been no information about the infectiousness or severity of “deltacron.”
  • No information has been released on “deltacron” symptoms, either.

What’s next: Kerkhove said during the Wednesday press conference that researchers will monitor the new “deltacron” variant for “any change in the epidemiology.”

  • She added, “We haven’t seen any change in severity. But there are many studies that are underway.”