The omicron XE variant continues to spread throughout the United States as restrictions loosen and mask mandates drop off.

What to know: The XE variant was dubbed a “Frankenstein” variant by Forbes writer Bruce Lee because it is a recombinant variant that merges the original omicron variant with the BA.2 variant, a subvariant of the original omicron.

The new omicron XE COVID-19 variant recently made its way to Japan after already spreading through the United Kingdom.

  • The omicron XE variant emerged in people who had been infected with two omicron variant strains — like the original strain and the BA.2 variant — at the same time.
  • Recombinants like these are not rare in the pandemic. Another example is the “deltacron” variant, which combines the delta variant and the omicron variants together into one.
  • There’s a chance more of these variants will emerge, too.

Of note: “One thing’s for sure, new recombinants and new variants in general of the SARS-CoV-2 will continue to emerge like bad reality TV shows,” per Forbes.

The bigger picture: The COVID-19 variant has hit somewhat of a lull period in the United States, even though new variants have emerged.

The change was met with both celebration and concern, per the Associated Press, showing that there’s still debate over how worried people should be about the pandemic.

Omicron XE variant: Why we still don’t know that much about it
New omicron XE COVID-19 variant has made its way to Japan

The bottom line: “The emergence of the XE is a frank reminder that the pandemic is not over yet,” according to Forbes. “And that you should do what you should have been doing all along, maintaining appropriate Covid-19 precautions.”