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What’s in a (baby) name? A lot, actually

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Is minimalism dead? More is now more

After a year of sacrifice, people are filling their homes with what they love.

How the GOP became the champion of the police

This old-school newspaper guy read ‘Twilight.’ His book report went viral

What’s next for Larry Elder? His Facebook page could provide a clue

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After nearly 6 decades in the business, Donny Osmond isn’t done yet

The legendary crooner is about to begin a new residency in Las Vegas — this time without his sister. It’s got him thinking about all the different eras of his life.

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Researchers show how being anti-sexist doesn’t mean you’re anti-racist

Researchers tracked attitudes over 40 years on gender and racial equality and say that changing views matter when it comes to supporting policies that combat or reinforce inequality.

What Trump merchandise sales say about the 2024 election

The latest contender to fill Rush Limbaugh’s time slot? Megyn Kelly

Let joy lead: A recipe for life from the ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ guy 

Dana Perino’s dog died over the weekend. Why are so many people mourning his loss?

Would you pay $300 to meet Ben Shapiro?

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5 moments from 9/11 that shouldn’t be forgotten

The terrorists tried to destroy us, but acts of kindness, teamwork bolstered us instead.

Are baby boomers to blame for Afghanistan?

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Do the Nextdoor app and security cameras really make us safer?

Thanks to social media, we know more than ever about local crime. But are we any safer?

The rise of Rumble, the conservative alternative to YouTube

The surprising benefits of doing nothing

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Is Facebook censoring the Babylon Bee, or does the company just not get the jokes?

The CEO of the satirical website says engagement on the site has declined even though the number of followers has increased.

State of change: Minorities now driving more of Utah's population growth than white people

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Do you really need that Cinnabon? Airports are set up to make you think so

Our personal indulgences at the airport aren’t a secret. They’re a design.

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Why the COVID-19 debate has everything to do with politics, and nothing to do with health

The national conversation about the coronavirus shot seems to touch on everything but health.

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Will the last public intellectual in America please turn out the lights?

An elegy for a shrinking class of thinkers.

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Why cancel culture hits regular people harder than celebrities

Bill O’Reilly is on the bestseller list and Jeffrey Toobin is back on CNN. Ordinary Americans and small businesses confronted with cancel culture don’t rebound as quickly.

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You might be a Democrat if you aren’t loving the billionaires in space

Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson are burning money to slip the surly bonds of Earth. This might not be helping their image.

Caitlyn Jenner? Abby Huntsman? Who will ‘The View’ choose to replace Meghan McCain?

Don’t kill the magic of ‘Star Wars’

Despite criticism, George Foreman has a patriotic message for Independence Day

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The mixed moral messaging of summer movies

From "Space Jam" to "Luca," kids movies tend to express values favored by liberals. But new research suggests a commonality of values gives reason for hope in a rigidly partisan society.

Should supporting your flag be a requirement for Olympians?

‘Black Widow’ is finally giving Black Widow her due

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Clay and Buck took over for Rush Limbaugh this week. Here’s how it went

They used the same music and the same phone number, but this is not your father’s "Rush Limbaugh Show."

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This unsettling detail in Britney Spears’ testimony is angering conservatives and liberals alike

The pop singer wants another child, but she says her conservatorship has forced her to use birth control.

They say no one can replace Rush Limbaugh, but these men will try 

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Will we ever retire from social media show-and-tell?

I thought by now I’d be peacefully offline, but true adult behavior is learning how to use social media well.