The report analyzes how many people in have a mental illness present, and how accessible mental care is in each state.
Scientists say more record highs are being set than lows and that does not bode well for drought and wildfires in the West.
Instead of scratching your head over some of the vernacular coming out of teens’ mouths, parents may want to get informed, learn the meaning, but never ever use it.
States have a historic budget surplus, and how they spend it could depend on whether they’re conservative or liberal.
Utah ended the year with the second-lowest unemployment rate in the country at 1.9% in December followed closely by Idaho’s 2.4%.
There’s a $50 billion plan to more than double the use of controlled burns and logging to thin out vegetation that fuels wildfires.
Wholesale prices in December indicate inflation may be cooling off, but some economists predict another rough year in 2022.