It would be the first primary challenge for Utah’s embattled attorney general.
Lawmakers are concerned about “the governance and oversight of the AG’s Office” and ask auditors to investigate Reyes’ relationship with Ballard.
Wilson’s former business associate “seeks to transform an unfounded grievance and decades-old malcontent into a groundless lawsuit with false allegations timed to smear Wilson and hurt his political campaign,” attorneys say.
‘In the end, fly either flag or fly both, it doesn’t really matter how you show off your Utah pride,’ says bill sponsor Dan McCay.
In the last 10 years, fewer than 600 Palestinian refugees have come to the U.S. under the traditional resettlement program.
“When I see what’s happening now and what I view as potential conflicts of interest, I’m concerned,” lawmaker says.
Management & Training Corporation, based in Centerville, is accused of hiring ‘ghost workers.’
In the last few years, the synthetic opioid has increasingly turned up in seizures and fueled overdose deaths. Officials call it ‘the greatest drug threat in Utah.’
Tropical Storm Harold made landfall in south Texas Tuesday, and could make its way to the Mountain West by Thursday.
The first ever tropical storm watch was issued for parts of California, and by Saturday heavy rain is expected across much of Utah.
In legal filing, Utah says TikTok is “harming the state’s children” and urges the company to respond to subpoenas.
The latest Deseret News/Hinckley Institute of Politics poll suggests crime is a winning issue among conservatives, but less so with moderates and liberals.
Has your car been recently broken into? Did a family member fall victim to a fraudulent investment or a spam call? Did you have money, or property, stolen from you? You’re not alone, according to the latest Deseret News poll.
Despite a drop in support from Democrats and self-identified liberals, Cox has broad support from Utah voters.
As UDOT moves forward with its plan to expand I-15, residents and local business owners explain the potential impacts on their community.
Lawmakers set aside $50,000 to update the state’s software to enforce a deadline on when voters can switch political parties, the latest attempt to curb ‘party raiding.’
“Over the past years we asked Utahns to join us in praying for water. It worked,” Cox said.
School board votes unanimously to overturn a review committee’s decision to remove Bible from elementary and junior high school libraries over “age appropriateness.”
Around 100 protesters gathered in the Capitol rotunda, many of them carrying their Bibles and signs reading “God cannot be canceled” and “Remove porn, not the Bible.”
‘We want Utah’s second district to be represented. And so making that vacancy as short as possible is important to all of us,’ Cox said.
An appeal has been waged to restore Bible to libraries in Davis District’s junior highs and elementary schools.
Congressman tells a reporter he is eying September, but no official date set.
Since 2012, overdose deaths in Utah remained stagnant, or even dropped, despite a nationwide surge.
The controversial Little Cottonwood Canyon gondola with a price tag at nearly $1.4 billion is just one of over 1,000 transportation projects.
Gov. Cox is asking lawmakers to extend a State of Emergency in response to this years historic snowpack.
Before the legislative session, somewhat liberal voters were the group most supportive of Cox — five months later, support among that same group appears to have dropped by nearly 20%.
We don’t want to be Las Vegas, we don’t want to be San Francisco, Utah governor says.
“I am disheartened by the blatant display of divisive partisan politics that characterized the nomination process,” Cox’s nominee, Suzanne Harrison, said.
“This is just the appetizer, folks,” the National Weather Service said as Utah surpassed a vital snow record.
Drought has driven the Great Salt Lake to historic lows, but the bird count at a nearby preserve has increased the past three years.
Nichole Schmidt says she believes her daughter would still be alive if police had used a lethality assessment in her case.
A proposed resolution would set a concrete goal for improving the lake, while a bill would direct sales tax revenue toward water conservation.