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The ‘Devious Lick’ TikTok challenge that’s provoking thefts, vandalism at schools nationwide has hit Utah

University of Utah offering weekly COVID-19 tests to families of students and employees

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Why some homeschooling families hit the road during the pandemic

The pandemic revealed what veteran homeschoolers knew all along: There is more than one way to teach a child.

How did Utah colleges fare on U.S. News rankings?

Salt Lake City mayor urges mask mandate extension as Utah reports 4K new COVID-19 cases

2 Utah schools are activating the Test to Stay protocol after COVID-19 broke out among students and staff

Utah has the lowest student debt in the country

Did beards evolve to protect men from punches? Here’s what U. of U. researchers discovered

Should public tuition assistance be used to attend religious schools? Sen. Mike Lee thinks so

Martin Luther King III, 2 apostles, Pulitzer winner will speak at BYU this year

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How Salt Lake mayor’s school mask order is getting ‘99.8% compliance’ — without policing

The Salt Lake City School District isn’t taking a heavy-handed approach to enforcing Mayor Erin Mendenhall’s school mask order. The focus is on education — not policing — and so far, it seems to be working in most cases.

Donovan Mitchell didn’t ‘understand’ Utah’s critical race theory resolution, Utah Senate president says

Why Utah’s Teacher of the Year doesn’t just manage big class sizes, he encourages them

The pandemic threw a spotlight on the virtues of virtual school

Natalie Cline reprimanded by State School Board over social media posts that ‘incited hate speech’

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He’s the first University of Utah alum to lead the school in 50 years

Taylor Randall, the 17th president of the University of Utah, has a long history with the U. as an undergrad and third-generation professor.

Another Utah college will require COVID-19 vaccines. Do students support shot mandates?

Masks in schools? A behind-the-scenes look at one governor’s conversations

UVU announces spring vaccine requirement for students

Feds investigating whether Utah’s limits on mask mandates violate disabled students’ civil rights

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The power of praise

BYU researchers found teachers who employ a simple strategy see far less disruption — and kids get better grades.

Which Utah universities will require COVID-19 vaccination for students?

Will FDA approval of Pfizer vaccine open the door to mandates at Utah colleges, universities?

'A real honor': Salt Lake City to rename section of street after longtime reverend

Salt Lake City’s mayor ordered masks in K-12 schools. Did kids wear them?

Can Salt Lake City’s mayor keep her mask mandate for schools? This Utah lawmaker insists it’s ‘NOT enforceable’

Why is this mom suing Gov. Spencer Cox over Utah laws that prohibit schools mask mandates?

Elder Holland: BYU must stand ‘committed to its unique academic mission and to the church that sponsors it’

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The multimillion-dollar pandemic mistake that schools are reluctant to fix

If there’s one thing most parents recognize entering this new school year, it’s that online learning is not what it was cracked up to be.

This governor says his state doesn’t need threats from ‘out-of-touch bureaucrats’ over masks in schools

Salt Lake City mayor mandates masks for K-12 schools

The myths and hurdles keeping girls from getting enough physical activity

This county used masks to keep in-person learning last year. They hope a mask mandate will help them do it again

Can teachers say whatever they want in class? Here’s what we can learn from a Utah educator’s viral moment

Lehi teacher is no longer employed after controversial political speech to class, school district announces

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Photo of the day: Magna students treated to new backpacks filled with school supplies

Vivint Gives Back, the charitable arm the Lehi-based Vivint Smart Home, partners with the Granite Education Foundation to provide goodies to 8,000 students in the Granite School District.

Salt Lake City mayor poised to issue school mask mandate — if school board signals support

5 things to know about COVID-19 and the start of the school year

BYU urges return to masks on campus

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Why don’t colleges just tell us what ‘woke’ lines shouldn’t be crossed?

Many schools remain mired in a kind of woke fog where neither students nor faculty know what will get them expelled or fired or just publicly shamed.

Without a mask mandate, families with health issues are opting to educate their kids at home

Why Salt Lake County rejected a school mask mandate, and how some parents are more worried this year than last

Will Salt Lake County elementary school mask requirement stand? Council to vote Thursday

USU students scramble for housing after apartment construction delays

Salt Lake County health official to issue mask mandate for schoolchildren under 12. Will council agree?

BYU-Idaho’s president is asking each student to ‘spiritually’ consider receiving COVID-19 vaccine

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When universities don’t buckle to cancel culture

Did you see the story about the university that didn’t cancel the speaker? Probably not.

Will schools require masks? Salt Lake parents, health board urge mandate for young students