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Presidential pause

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I can't fathom anything more exhausting to endure than running for president. Can you imagine? For 18 months or so, you're going nonstop. Always being '"on," shaking hands, smiling, trying not to make any blunders. The enormity of it all makes me want to curl up and watch HGTV.

So, I sort of feel sorry for President-elect Obama today as he can't disappear for a week or so with his family and just bask in the glow and the sun and recuperate a little.

He's already up to his eyeballs in presidential stuff -- picking his Cabinet, getting confidential briefings. What?! Not even one day off?

I guess that's part of what makes a president: incredible drive. I'm afraid I'd be sitting around thinking, "Come on -- I don't really have to rock 'n' roll until January right?"

Bravo to anyone who has had to step into those massive shoes and has the drive to get up and face the next day.