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WE discovers polygamy

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It's always kind of funny when national TV networks think they've discovered a story just because they haven't done it before.

Here's the hyperbole from cable channel WE:

"From the recent raid of the Eldorado, Texas, compound to the trial and conviction of the FBI's Most Wanted infamous polygamist leader, Warren Jeffs, the hidden truths about polygamy are just starting to be revealed."

Apparently, the folks at WE are so taken with the thought of polygamy that they just have to to capitalize it.

On April 29, WE will air an episode of "Secret Lives of Women" entitled "Polygamy Cult" that will (gasp!) feature interview with two female "FLDS escapees."

They would be Carolyn Jessop and Flora Jessop, who are almost making a career out of being interviewed about polygamy.

Stay tuned . . .