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Champlin leaves Chicago

Less than a week after Chicago played the Red Butte Garden Amphitheater in Salt Lake City, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Bill Champlin announced his departure from the band after 28 years.

Champlin, who was a solo musician before joining with the iconic jazz-rock band, released "No Place Left to Fall," his first solo album in 10 years, on Aug. 4 (the day the band played Red Butte).

The two-time Grammy Award-winning musician sang leads on a string of Chicago hits throughout the '80s and '90s; the No. 1 "Look Away," the Top 5 "You're Not Alone" and "I' Don't Wanna Live Without Your Love" and the Top 100 "Hearts in Trouble." He also swapped lead vocals with Peter Cetera on the band's No. 3 hit "Hard Habit to Break."

He will embark on a solo tour beginning Nov. 6, and it doesn't look like he'll play Salt Lake City anytime soon.