My, my, my … it has been an awfully long time since I blogged. I'm not sure where the time went, but I do know part of it was spent seeing all the summer shows in Utah, looking for a house, selling a house, taking a vacation, buying a house, moving to an apartment before moving into the house.

Crazy summer, indeed.

But, I have some intriguing and good news for theater fans.

Remember "Movin' Out," the Twyla Tharp production set to the music of Billy Joel? The show was a hit, garnering nine Tony nominations.

Twyla Tharp

Kevin Wolfe/Associated Press

Now, Tharp has turned her sights to one of my favorites, Frank Sinatra.

"Come Fly With Me," which runs Sept. 15-Oct. 11 in Atlanta before setting out on tour, will follow four couples falling in and out of love. Set in a nightclub, it's described as "a dance-driven evening that is sexy, athletic, passionate and filled with optimism."

Unlike "Movin' Out," the show will not have a live singer but will use original recorded "masters" of Sinatra's voice, backed by an onstage band.

The national tour will kick off in the summer of 2010.