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Theater bits and pieces

Hey hey!

Just a couple of little ditties for you theater folks...

First -- farewell to Kiril Kulish. He's one of the original three Tony Award-winning Billy Elliots, and he'll be leaving the show in October. He's the Billy I saw when I went to New York in June, and he was absolutely amazing! He brought the audience to its feet numerous times. Broadway will miss him.

Second -- Kristin Chenoweth will be a guest judge on "American Idol" during the week the show tapes in Orlando, Fla. She's perfect for this. She'll join Simon, Randy and Kara, and she'll be the only reason I watch the show that week.

Third -- Piven is off the hook ... literally. Jeremy Piven caused a stir after he abruptly left "Speed the Plow," claiming he had mercury poisoning from eating too much sushi. The courts sided with Piven, saying he "did not breach any of his contracts." So ... Looks like the courts are part of the entourage?