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Disney is being sued for using these three words on their ‘Frozen 2’ merchandise

Disney heads into the unknown of legal trouble

A still from the “Frozen 2” trailer.
A still from the “Frozen 2” trailer.

A company in Nevada that sells inspirational merchandise has decided to sue Disney over the use of a phrase in “Frozen 2” products, according to multiple reports.

What’s happening: The company is suing Disney over the phrase “Trust Your Journey,” which is also the name of the company, according to TMZ.

  • The company has used the phrase and slogan since 2007.
  • The company claims Disney has used the phrase illegally on merchandise, Fox Business reports.
  • Trust Your Journey said the phrase is seen on T-shirts, posters, jewelry and other products. The company says that it already has its own products with the phrase, according to Fox Business.
  • The slogan can be seen on third-party products, too.
  • Trust Your Journey products have been sold at QVC and Cracker Barrel, too, according to TMZ.

Other lawsuit: A new class action lawsuit has been filed against the Walt Disney Company , saying the company failed to pay employees a living wage, The Daily Beast reports.