Stuck in an argument this Christmas? Amazon’s Alexa device can help you change the subject, Yahoo Finance reports.

What’s going on: Amazon researched how often there can be family fights on Christmas and discovered that 6:30 p.m. is the most likely time where fights break out.

  • Amazon decided to release a feature that allows the smart speakers to change the subject, Yahoo Finance reports.
  • The phrase “Alexa, change the subject” will allow the device to spark up a new debate, asking its own question like, “Is ‘Die Hard’ a Christmas movie?” or “What would your superpower be and why?”
  • Amazon could also ask about your celebrity crush, or whether jam or cream could be added to a scone first, Yahoo Finance reports.

What they’re saying: “Despite the Christmas spin, the service is for life, not just for Christmas, and can be used any time when there’s a need to break up some tension,” according to the Inquirer.

Other features: Per CNET, Amazon’s Alexa can do a number of other things to help keep the holiday spirit alive in your home, including:

  • Control Christmas smart lights
  • Track Amazon gift packages
  • Play Christmas music
  • Send holiday greeting cards
  • Ask about the days until Christmas
  • Allow Alexa to read “The Night Before Christmas.”
  • Add food to your shopping list.