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Chris Pratt and Rob Lowe had a ‘Parks and Recreation’ reunion this weekend

Lowe, Schwarzenegger and Pratt spent time on the beach in Santa Barbara, California

Chris Pratt stars in Marvel’s “Guardians Of The Galaxy.” Marvel

SALT LAKE CITY — Chris Pratt spent the weekend at the beach with his wife Katherine Schwarzenegger and his former “Parks and Recreation” co-star, Rob Lowe.

Lowe, Schwarzenegger and Pratt spent time on the beach in Santa Barbara, California, on Sunday. While Schwarzenegger and Pratt went kayaking, Rob Lowe decided to paddleboard on his own. Pratt later swam in the sea, according to AOL.

The day at the beach is just the latest way that Pratt is enjoying his married life.

Pratt and Schwarzenegger tied the knot back on June 8 of this year. Pratt had previously been married to Anna Farris, who is the mother of his son. Pratt was scolded online for calling his wedding day to Schwarzenegger one of the best days of his life considering he had seen his child being born and he had a previous wedding day, according to the Deseret News.

Pratt told Entertainment Tonight that the early days of his new marriage have been successful.

“It feels really nice,” Pratt told ET. “We just feel very blessed and very, very happy. I think having the stress of the ceremony behind you is kinda nice, you know? But, yeah, we’re in the honeymoon phase. It feels really good and we just feel really happy.”

Pratt previously told Extra that he met Schwarzenegger at church, according to the Deseret News.