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Viola Davis will play Michelle Obama in new ‘First Ladies’ show

The new Showtime show will focus on the first ladies of the White House.

Viola Davis stars in “Ender’s Game.”
Viola Davis stars in “Ender’s Game.”
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SALT LAKE CITY — Viola Davis will play Michelle Obama in the new one-hour White House drama “First Ladies,” according to multiple reports.

The show is currently in development at Showtime and has a three-script treatment.

Davis will serve as executive producer for the show, too.

“First Ladies” will focus on the East Wing of the White House, primarily focusing on the decisions made by the country’s first ladies, who don’t always share the media spotlight as their husbands have in the past.

Season one will focus primarily on Eleanor Roosevelt, Betty Ford and Obama, according to Deadline.

This will be the first time someone portrays Michelle Obama on television, according to Variety. Tika Sumpter previously played her in the 2016 film, “Southside With You.”

Davis said at Variety’s own “Inclusion Summit” earlier this year that there needs to be more people of color in Hollywood.

“If you look to the past and look at storytelling where there’s a huge deficit in terms of our voice and our presence, that’s not a good place to start,” she said. “What we have to fight for, and this is what I’m proud about with JuVee, is autonomy in storytelling and production and all of it. Don’t just tell me that the only way Viola can exist in the story is if a white person is leading the charge and I’m in the background.”

Meanwhile, Michelle Obama and her husband Barack Obama, the former president of the United States, have joined the content creation game, signing a multi-year deal with Netflix, according to The Hill.