SALT LAKE CITY — In an interview with MTV News, J.J. Abrams said the final shot of “Rise of Skywalker” was picked early on in the process.

“If I had not decided on that, I’d be in real trouble,” Abrams joked. “But, it was a very early on thing, and it’s less the last shot of the movie than the last sequence, but it’s something that I … hope you like,” Abrams said.

“Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” director J.J. Abrams has opened up a lot recently about his upcoming film. He’s talked about Emperor Palpatine, defended “The Last Jedi” and talked about what to expect from his new movie.

Earlier this year, Abram teased the opening scenes of “Rise of Skywalker,” highlighting that it doesn’t kick off right where “The Last Jedi” ended, according to

“The movie doesn’t pick up immediately after the last film,” he shared. “Some time has passed. This movie is an adventure the group goes on together. One of the great things about getting to work on the movie is the dynamic between all of the characters. They’re amazing together, and it’s something I’m excited for you all to see.”

Abrams told Entertainment Tonight Canada earlier this week that fans should expect to see more scenes between Rey (Daisy Ridley), Finn (John Boyega) and Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac), who all embark on a journey together.

“But I will say the fun of this movie is that these characters are all together on this adventure as a group,” Abrams said, according to the Deseret News. “That’s the thing I was most excited about, to see the dynamic between these characters that these amazing actors play on this desperate seat of your pants adventure. That to me was the thing that was the most fun — having the group together.”