9SALT LAKE CITY — Provo's JK! Studios certainly brought the funny on Tuesday night's episode of the NBC show “Bring the Funny.” The group competed in the first Comedy Clash, going against the comedy group Kids These Days, and came out on top, advancing to the next round of the show’s competition.

JK! Studios is made up of the 10 original members of the BYUtv show “Studio C,” and six of those 10 make up the JK! Studios "Bring the Funny" team. The team impressed the judges at auditions with a sketch about a children’s TV show. Tuesday night, they continued the competition in the first Comedy Clash, where two acts are selected to go head-to-head and one is eliminated. JK! Studios was paired against the sketch group Kids These Days.

JK! Studios’ sketch featured members Mallory Everton, Jason Gray, Stacey Harkey, Natalie Madsen, Matt Meese and Jeremy Warner. The sketch began with Everton, Gray, Harkey, Madsen and Meese onstage in face paint, animal skin clothes and messy hair.

Gray, as a Viking leader, led the group as they prepared to fight the Saxons. But the rousing, bloodthirsty speech was interrupted by unexpected self-care suggestions, like yoga and warm baths. Each surprising suggestion garnered laughs from the judges.

When the group finished, the judges gave their feedback.

“I thought you guys were awesome,” judge Kenan Thompson said. “I thought it was an awesome, like, topical (sketch). You know, everybody’s turning vegan these days, and what if the Vikings had like, a vegan-type leader. So that showed it was really smart. You guys are … a very, very professional sketch group.”

“I watch you guys, and I wish I was part of a sketch troupe,” said comedy legend Jeff Foxworthy. “Jason (Gray), I loved it when you changed gears. That’s what keeps it interesting. If you’re playing it at the same level, I get bored.”

“JK! Studios, in the open mic it was so 'Kids Bop' and friendly, (but) as soon as you came out I knew it was going to be something different, which is what we love to see,” Chrissy Teigen added. “We love to see people taking our notes and stepping outside the box.”

JK! Studios, right, waits to hear the judges' votes with "Bring the Funny" host Amanda Seales and opponent sketch group Kids These Days.
JK! Studios, right, waits to hear the judges' votes with "Bring the Funny" host Amanda Seales and opponent sketch group Kids These Days. | Provided by NBC

When the feedback was over, the judges announced JK! Studios’ unanimous win over Kids These Days. As the group tumbled offstage and squished in for a group photo, they shared their excitement.

“This means that my dad will finally like, respect my career choice,” Gray said.

“This means that the world is this much closer to seeing what JK! Studios does,” added Harkey.

This win also means JK! Studios will compete in the semifinal showcase of “Bring the Funny.” If they make it to the finals, they’ll get a chance to win $250,000 and an invitation to perform at “Just for Laughs,” a top international comedy festival.

“Bring the Funny” airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on NBC.