SALT LAKE CITY — Universal’s new film “The Hunt” hasn't even hit theaters yet and it’s getting slammed by social media.

“The Hunt” — which was originally titled “Red State Vs. Blue State,” according to The Hollywood Reporter — is a satire film about wealthy people who hunt down humans they call “deplorable” in the film. It’s basically about a group of rich people who hunt humans for sport.

Social media users have sounded off against the film, according to Fox News.

“Universal is releasing a horrific movie about hunting down people called The Hunt. They pulled the ads but they have not stopped its release. Absolutely irresponsible movie and fosters hate and killing of people who don’t believe the same as the hunters. Hollywood be shamed,” one user wrote.

“I just read a report on the movie ‘The Hunt’ that comes out soon. this is why I can’t pick a side. A movie about rounding up a group of ‘deplorables’ and HUNTING them is ok? Put all the gun laws on the books but we’re entertained by a movie about killing Trump supporters,” another user said.

“Really @UniversalPics, you greenlit a movie like this in this era of political violence and mass murder. I will no longer pay to watch your movies if you release this movie,” another tweeted.

The film isn’t exactly off to a good start in the public eye. Universal is “pulling the brakes” on the film’s marketing after the mass shootings this weekend, according to Deadline.

“Out of sensitivity to the attention on the country’s recent shooting tragedies, Universal Pictures and the filmmakers of The Hunt have temporarily paused its marketing campaign and are reviewing materials as we move forward,” one studio representative told Deadline in a statement.

TV and digital spots for “The Hunt” will be pulled, as will any outdoor ads, Deadline reports. ESPN pulled an ad for the film over the Aug. 3 weekend, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Studio sources told THR that Universal is evaluating its plans for the film given the current political climate. One executive said executives would stand by the film and pitch it as a satire. However, other executives told THR that plans could change if public perception doesn’t favor the film.

“The Hunt” currently has no score on Rotten Tomatoes.