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Pizza Hut teams up with Beyond Meat for new plant-based sausage pizzas

On Tuesday, Pizza Hut announced two new pizzas that are topped with sausage made by Beyond Meat.

This Thursday, Dec. 15, 2016, file photo shows a Pizza Hut restaurant in New Orleans.
This Thursday, Dec. 15, 2016, file photo shows a Pizza Hut restaurant in New Orleans. Pizza Hut is offering two new pizzas with Beyond sausage, a plant-based meat substitute.
Gerald Herbert, AP

It’s been a week of good news for vegetarians. The day after McDonald’s announced its new McPlant sandwich, Pizza Hut revealed two new plant-based options on its menu, according to Forbes.

On Tuesday, Pizza Hut announced two pizzas that will feature “sausage” made with Beyond Meat. The Beyond Italian Sausage Pizza will be topped with Beyond sausage crumbles and cheese, while the Great Beyond Pizza will include chopped tomatoes, sliced red onions and banana peppers with the Beyond sausage, USA Today reported.

Both pizzas are available at all U.S. Pizza Hut locations, as well as select locations in the UK, according to CNN.

Last year, Pizza Hut tested a different meatless substitute, Kellogg’s Incogmeato, according to Forbes. And while Little Caesar’s has also tested a meatless sausage from Impossible Foods, Pizza Hut’s Beyond sausage is the first pizza chain to roll out a plant-based option nationally.

The sausage substitute was co-created by Beyond Meat and Pizza Hut specifically for their pizzas, according to CNN. To capture the taste of real sausage, the Beyond sausage is made in part with a blend of garlic, paprika and fennel seeds.

“We really wanted to build something that was unique in the market,” said Beyond Meat CEO Ethan Brown, according to CNBC. “A lot of people can make a crumble out of protein these days, but this is something special because we took the time with Pizza Hut to get it right.”