After a long and arduous production process, “Jurassic World: Dominion” wrapped shooting on Nov. 7 at Pinewood Studios in the UK.

“Dominion” is the first major studio feature to return to production after the pandemic shut down the industry this past spring, according to Deadline.

The shoot required tens of thousands of COVID tests, millions of dollars allocated to safety protocols, and demanded the cast and crew to sequester themselves in a bubble for months, Deadline reports.

According to Indiewire, “Dominion” will be the first Jurassic film since the 1993 original to feature Sam Neill, Laura Dern, and Jeff Goldblum on screen together (all three actors have reprised their roles separately in sequels since then).

The film’s director, Colin Trevorrow, announced the wrap with a tweet that included a photo of him standing alongside Sam Neil and franchise newcomers DeWanda Wise and Mamoudou Athie:

About the protocols

  • The studio spent between $6-8 million on enhanced safety measures, while the shoot itself cost around $165 million in total, per Deadline.
  • The 100 days of shooting demanded over 40,000 COVID-19 tests. About 0.25% of those tests returned positive (around 100 positive results in total, some of which were false positives), per Indiewire.
  • Pinewood Studios posted more than 1,800 COVID-related signs across its campus and the production team brought in 150 hand sanitizer stations and 60 extra sinks.
  • Cleaning schedules at the studio were doubled and communal areas and facilities were antiviral fogged each night.
  • The cast, crew and all other workers were temperature-tested every day at walk-through temperature testing stations that were built at each entrance to Pinewood Studios. The testing stations were manned by doctors and nurses, according to Indiewire.
  • Filming was pushed back from February to July, according to Deadline. Production paused briefly again in October due to positive COVID results, but neither the delays or the extra protocols will alter the final product.

Key quote

Describing the experience, Trevorrow told Deadline:

“We lived together, ate together, told stories, shared our fears and hopes, played Frisbee on the lawn … there was a lot of laughter at a time when it has been hard to find things to laugh about. ... We were all far from those we loved at a time when you want to be closest to them. I missed my family greatly. I was away from them for four months. But the cast in our bubble became another family. ... I’ve never been as immersed in a filmmaking process.”

What’s next

As it stands today, “Jurassic World: Dominion” is scheduled to release in June of 2022.

According to Deadline, Trevorrow left the UK over the weekend and plans kick off the film’s postproduction process shortly.

While many predict “Dominion” to be the final installment of the Jurassic franchise, there are whisperings the series could persist well beyond 2022.