Warning: Minor spoilers for “Wonder Woman 1984.”

“Wonder Woman 1984’s” bifurcated release strategy seems to have been a success for all parties involved. The movie topped the box office breaking several pandemic-era records along the way and a third installment of the franchise is being fast-tracked for production.

Beyond the film’s commercial success, the “Wonder Woman 1984” also holds a special place in its lead actor’s heart, People reports, as the movie provided her the opportunity to perform with her family.

According to Today, Gal Gadot, who plays the film’s titular character acted alongside her husband and two daughters, Maya, 3, and Alma, 9, in one of the film’s final scenes.

While the following paragraphs don’t reveal any information pertinent to the plot of “Wonder Woman 1984,” they do recount a scene in detail, so consider this your (very gentle) spoiler warning.

In the movie’s penultimate scene, Diana walks through a snowy, crowded park that’s been decorated for the Christmas season. During her stroll, the hero is unintentionally hit by a snowball as a young boy and girl are playing nearby.

Wonder Woman 1984, Warner Bros. (2020) | Screenshot, HBOMax

The director commented on her son’s cameo in a Dec. 26 tweet.

According to Today, the girl in the scene is played by Alma, Gadot’s daughter, and the young boy is director Patty Jenkins’s son, Asa. Once the two youngsters realize their blunder, they each offer the hero a one-word apology.

Wonder Woman 1984, Warner Bros. (2020) | Screenshot, HBOMax

A few moments later, at the same park, there is a quick montage showing happy park guests, including a man and his daughter riding a carousel together. The man is Gadot’s husband, Yaron Varsano, and the young girl is Maya, the couple’s youngest daughter, BuzzFeed reports.

Wonder Woman 1984, Warner Bros. (2020) | Screenshot, HBOMax

In a recent interview with Good Day DC’s Kevin McCarthy, Gadot shared her feelings about the opportunity she had to act alongside her family. She said (via People):

“This movie is more than just a movie for us, for me, for Patty,” she said. “It completely changed my life and the amount of labor and thought and emotions that we put into the movie is just a lot. I couldn’t have done my movie without the support of my amazing family, and to have them captured in the film with me meant a lot. An amazing, amazing souvenir that we will cherish forever.”

“Wonder Woman 1984” is now playing in movie theaters nationwide and is available to stream at home on HBOMax.