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The new Idaho Falls Megaplex location sounds baller

What should Idaho Falls expect from their new theater location?

The Megaplex Theatres setup for the “Toy Story 4” marathon.
The Megaplex Theatres setup for the “Toy Story 4” marathon.
Herb Scribner, Deseret News

New details have emerged about the new Megaplex Theatres location opening in Idaho Falls, Idaho, next year.

What’s going on?

  • Larry H. Miller Group of Companies and Ball Ventures announced in December 2019 that Megaplex would open a new location in Idaho Falls, Idaho.
  • New details were released Tuesday.
  • The location will have 10 screens with 975 all-luxury leather recliners.
  • Each cinema will have a quiet room for parents and children to watch their film, too.
  • The theater doesn’t want there to be any waiting lines so the lobby will offer a luxury lounge space where people can buy food and beverage instead,
  • The Idaho Falls lobby will offer seating options, too.

What they’re saying

  • Blake Andersen, president Larry H. Miller Megaplex Theatres: “We are excited to enter the Idaho Falls market. Our construction team is diligently working on plans to bring a world-class building that will complement our Megaplex commitment to providing our customers with the best movie-viewing experience available.”
  • Cortney Liddiard, chief executive officer of Ball Ventures: “The Larry H. Miller Group of Companies casts a wide net of successful ventures and have defined their ABC’s of success: automobile dealerships, basketball, and community involvement. Ball Ventures is excited to be a part of their future in Idaho Falls and to bring the new Megaplex to Snake River Landing.”

When does the Idaho Falls Megaplex open?

  • Work on the location begins in March. Construction starts in spring 2020.
  • Construction will be complete in 2021.