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These Burger King locations will give you a free Whopper if you show them a picture of your ex on Valentine’s Day

Burger King is teaming up with Warner Bros.’ new movie ‘Birds of Prey’ for their Valentine’s Day promotion

Burger King® Restaurants Partner With DC’s Harley Quinn and the Birds of Prey to Flame-Grill Memories of Your Ex and Emancipate Your Heart This Valentine’s Day.
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Burger King wants to help you celebrate Valentine’s Day with a free Whopper — and all you have to do is show them a picture of your ex, according to Fox News.

Burger King is teaming up with Warner Bros.’ new movie “Birds of Prey” for their Valentine’s promotion, Fox News reported.

“On the heels of the February 7 ‘Birds of Prey’ movie release, in which everyone’s favorite anti-heroine Harley embarks on her post-breakup emancipation from The Joker, Burger King is turning ex-flames into flame-grilled Whopper sandwiches,” Burger King said in a press release, according to Fox News. ”Talk about turning up the heat!”

However, the promotion is only valid in four US locations, according to BuzzFeed. The locations are:

  • 327 W. 42nd St., New York City
  • 35 Powell St., San Francisco, California
  • 545 N. Victory Blvd., Burbank, California
  • 150 Everett Ave., Chelsea, Massachussetts

Still, if you don’t live anywhere near these locations, all is not lost. Burger King is offering another Valentine’s Day promotion through its app, according to Cosmopolitan. Take a quiz on the Burger King app and answer four of the five questions correctly, and you can get a Whopper for $3.

Bad news for vegetarians, though — the meatless Impossible Whopper isn’t included in these promos, according to BuzzFeed.