There’s a pretty good chance that you’re working from home now because of the novel coronavirus pandemic. So your meetings have probably been held on chat apps, like Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Google Hangout.

And now, there’s a bingo card out there to make those meetings a little more enjoyable.

The bingo card includes phrases you’ll often hear on a conference call.

The card includes phrases such as:

  • “Is ___ on the call?”
  • “I’m sorry; I was on mute.”
  • “Hello? Hello?”
  • “I’m sorry, you cut out there.”
  • “Can we take this offline?”
  • “I think there’s a lag.”
  • “Sound of someone typing, possibly with a hammer.”

See the entire card below.

Zoom and online work calls are everywhere

  • People have flocked to apps like Microsoft Teams and Zoom in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, becoming one of the main ways that people communicate.
  • Zoom chief executive Eric Yuan said Zoom jumped into success overnight because of the need for such an app, according to The New York Times.
  • Yuan said: “This is a very critical moment. Overnight almost everybody read and understood they needed a tool like this.”
  • Similarly, Microsoft Teams — an app like Slack and Zoom combined — saw usage jump 40% in a week, according to The Verge.