Twitch hit an all-time high for total hours watched, streamed and concurrent viewers amid the coronavirus outbreak, a sign that people are focusing their attention to streaming, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

What happened:

  • Amazon’s Twitch streaming platform hit all-time highs for hours watched, hours streamed and concurrent viewers, per The Hollywood Reporter.
  • The data comes from StreamLabs and Stream Hatchet, which collects data on streams.
  • Twitch topped 3 billion hours watched from January to March 2020, per The Hollywood Reporter.

What about competitors?

  • Twitch accounted for 65% of total streaming hours watched across platforms and 72% of total hours streamed, placing ahead of YouTube Gaming, Facebook Gaming and Microsoft Mixer, according to The Hollywood Reporter.
  • That said, those competitors saw high numbers, too. For example, YouTube Gaming saw a 13% increase during the “shelter-in-place” timeframe.

Why now?

  • StreamElements CEO Doron Nir wrote in an email to The Verge: The jump in viewership shows “the popularity of the livestreaming medium now that people are consuming higher volumes of entertainment at home.”