Disney released a new TV spot for “Artemis Fowl,” an upcoming film that will be released exclusively on the company’s streaming service Disney Plus.

  • “Artemis Fowl” will start streaming on June 12.
  • Disney announced on April 3 it would release “Artemis Fowl” directly to streaming. It was one of several moves in the company’s movie lineup, which has shifted because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The new TV spot shows Artemis Fowl learning about his family’s history of working as criminal masterminds and the upcoming war with the fairies. There aren’t a lot of details revealed in the trailer. But it definitely gives off an idea of the scope of the upcoming film.

  • Artemis Fowl” is based off a novel by Eoin Colfer of the same title. The story focuses on a criminal mastermind (and boy genius) who discovers a hidden world of fairies, who may know more about his father, who disappeared.

Watch below.

Last time there was a trailer ...

  • Back in March, Disney released the first trailer for “Artemis Fowl.” As the Deseret News reported, fans of the “Artemis Fowl” books expressed anger over the trailer, saying the trailer showed Fowl “as a boy-genius with a traditional heroic arc, but he’s supposed to be an amoral child-villain and criminal mastermind.”
  • And “the fairy that Fowl kidnaps in the books, Holly Short, is instead portrayed as his friend, which also constitutes a major change in the film adaptation,” the Deseret News wrote.