Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are reportedly interested in buying the New York Mets, and a recent bank move may be a sign they’re ready to make a bid.

According to Variety, Lopez and Rodriguez retained JPMorgan Chase to raise capital funds for a possible bid for the New York baseball franchise.

Sources told Variety the couple are working with Eric Menell, the co-head of North American media investment banking for JPMorgan Chase.

The Wilpon family, which currently owns the Mets, said they were interested in selling 80% of the team to hedge fund titan Steve Cohen. The club was valued at about $2.6 billion at the time. But the deal fell apart, according to Variety.

Lopez’s and Rodriguez’s interest in buying the Mets was first reported two months ago.

“It’s real,” a source told the New York Post.

Rodriguez and Lopez have a reported combined net worth of $700 million, “meaning deeper pockets would have to supplement them in order to make a potential purchase work,” according to New York Post.

As an example, New York Yankees legend Derek Jeter bought the Miami Marlins for $1.2 billion with help from Bruce Sherman, a venture capitalist.